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40+ Mental Health, EDI & Lifestyle video conversations
Exclusive access to wellbeing content
World-leading workplace experts
Real-time data dashboard
The latest conversation and AI technology
Quarterly review
40+ Mental Health, EDI & Lifestyle video conversations
Exclusive access to wellbeing content
World-leading workplace experts
The latest conversation and AI technology
Real-time data dashboard
Quarterly review
Benefit provider sign-posting
Bespoke video conversation
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Your questions answered

What is JAAQ at Work?

JAAQ At Work is an innovative employee engagement platform that combines the latest technology, human interaction and online / in-person events. Our technology gives your employees 24/7 (pre-recorded) access to experts in topics covering Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Talent Acquisition, Personal Development, Burnout, Financial Wellbeing, Neurodiversity, Physical Health, and Wellbeing. Utilising live data to capture what your employees are asking about means you can ensure training, development, workshops, and strategy aligns to their needs.

Why isn’t JAAQ at Work free?

In order for JAAQ to achieve our mission to ‘Change the World, One Question at a Time’ it has to be funded and continually developed, which costs money. JAAQ.Org is an entirely free to use resource and we want to keep it that way.
By choosing to partner with JAAQ at Work you are helping us to continue to power JAAQ.Org and make a difference to hundreds of thousands of people.

Is JAAQ at Work only for large organisations?

Absolutely not! JAAQ at Work is a platform for every organisation.

How is JAAQ at Work different to JAAQ.org?

Great question! The simple answer is that JAAQ.org predominantly features leading clinicians, psychologists, medical professionals, therapists and celebrities  on a broad range of mental health conditions. JAAQ at Work is entirely workplace focused, covering topics including; Mental Health, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Menopause, Leadership, Mindset, Fertility, Yoga, Neurodiversity, Bipolar, Anxiety, Resilience, Burnout, Stress, Working from Home and many more!

How much is JAAQ at Work?

The cost depends on a number of factors, including the size of your organisation, how much (if any) of the platform do you need to be bespoke and also whether you’d like to feature your own conversations on there.

Who are the JAAQ at Work experts?

We have partnered with experts and organisations including; Lexxic, Sign Solutions, Bipolar UK, Roger Black, Get Your Sh1t Together!, RNIB, Your D+I, Pavelka Wellbeing, Dr Claire Kay, Cool2BTrans.

Does JAAQ at Work put on regular events?

Absolutely! You will have access to monthly webinars, Dropbox in sessions and ‘lunch & learns’ covering a vast array of topics across Mental Health, Wellbeing, ED&I, Women’s Health, Inclusive Recruitment and much more!

Trusted by leading organisations

What our partners say

"You had me at “Hello”.. truly and honestly. This is the best thing I have ever seen. Literally, hands down, this is the best thing I have ever seen. Ever. Ever.

I believe there is an opportunity for you to become a billion dollar company and at the same time, change the world."

Mo Gawdat

Former IBM, Microsoft Executive, Google Chief Business Officer (founding team)

"My team is focused on ensuring that employees have access to the right resources and support and I know that JAAQ is a tool that many will find invaluable. I am delighted to be working with the JAAQ team to be able to include this as part of the physical and mental wellbeing support that we offer at NatWest Group."

Natwest Group

Jenny Tippin

Chief Transformation & People Officer

"When we first met Danny and the team at JAAQ we were blown away. Not just by their vision, passion and energy, but the quality of what they have built; world leading content, from world leading experts, on a world leading platform. When the say they’re going to change the world one question at a time, you better believe it!"


Stephen Rowe

Chief Marketing Officer